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This is the time of year that Snow Redfern Foundation works the hardest to follow our Mission Statement.  The window of opportunity to apply for a Grant from the Foundation begins on JUNE 1, 2017 and ends of AUGUST 31, 2017!  Throughout the summer we will be receiving applications from youth organizations of Nebraska, who serve youth that don’t always have the same opportunities as many of their schoolmates or friends.  Through no fault of their own, they don’t have enough food at home, don’t get to go to camps, have to spend the entire day at home alone, etc.  Many of us are so unaware of the challenges these young people face daily.  

We get comfortable in our own way of life and begin the think that everyone has the same blessings as we do, but take a moment to walk in their shoes (if they are fortunate enough to have some)! This is when the playing field gets somewhat leveled.  Through the grants, organizations receive in the coming year from Snow Redfern Foundation, many youth will receive assistance without them even realizing it is happening.   And I’m talking hundreds of youth, get opportunities they may not receive without the support of Snow Redfern Foundation!  It’s exciting for the youth, the organizations and Snow Redfern Foundation.  Your assistance, and involvement, in this exciting time is a personal choice for you.  In order for SRF continue to grow, develop, and ultimately expand these opportunities, your help is important.  Through a one-time donation, meaningful memorials, or long term planning of your estate you can help us in this socially necessary endeavor.  We hope you will prayerfully consider becoming part of this exciting time!


Welcome to our website, and thank you for taking time to check us out.  If you have visited here before, you will find that I have a hard time keeping it current.  I didn’t realized how much time it can take to keep a website current, plus keep a Facebook page current and appropriate.  So much information can be floating out there on Facebook, and so much of it is NOT what I want to see, or for you to have to endure.  If you are anything like MOST of us; enough with the political overload!  It is my goal to keep all of the political posts OFF of our Facebook, but if something gets by me, I hope you will know it was an oversight, and not an intentional attempt to influence your views politically.


Snow-Redfern Foundation is excited that the opening of our next window of opportunity to apply for grants is fast approaching.  June 1st will be the fifth year for the Foundation to provide opportunities for organizations that serve youth directly.  We encourage all organizations to begin the process early.  If you are a repeat applicant, you will see that our guidelines have changed slightly, and that the application has changed quite a bit.  First, there is more accountability necessary for you in reporting how you  have used your grant funds.  Secondly, an electronic application is the ONLY way to apply.  This keeps the application process consistent, and keeps organizations from attempting to overload the Foundation with tons of paper//information.  One goal we have always had, was to keep the process simple for YOU, and our new application helps US in consistency and simplicity.  For clarification, the LAST date to get your application in is still August 31st.  I strongly encourage you to review the guidelines that are posted on this web page, and again good luck to all organizations that apply.  The Foundation give a huge thank you to all organizations that are serving the youth of Nebraska!  

Our Founder

Mrs. Arvilla Snow-Redfern


Let’s be honest, most of us are looking for that “deal” where everyone wins.  This time of the year we all begin to think about tax time as well.  If you are looking for another tax deduction to claim for 2015, remember that Snow-Redfern Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization.  Therefore, your donation is tax deductible.  There are basically three option you have when giving to SRF:  (1) a gift to add to the Foundation’s investments, where your donation’s principle is never used; (2) a memorial, honoring a person (or people) that has impacted your life (see our memorial page); or (3) a general donation for helping the Foundation with operational expenses.

In any case, it is a win-win.  You benefit through a tax deduction for 2015, and Snow-Redfern Foundation is able to continue to follow Mrs. Redfern’s mission to serve those in need, especially children.

Snow-Redfern Foundation (website)

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Message from the Director


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I have been doing some additional reading and searching about the history of the development of the Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation.  What would lead a mother/rancher to be so driven as to give her estate to a yet to be developed group of people to create a Foundation that would last FOREVER? Where did that trust and faith come from?  What created that PASSION that she had to provide for kids who needed help?  Where did her VISION come from to know that there would always be those who need help?  And why kids?  

Mrs. Redfern knew long before she willed her ranch to the Foundation that she had a love to care for kids.  As early as 1955 she was starting her plans to provide a safe haven for kids, while at that same time she was already doing so by taking in foster kids, and others without a place to live.  How many foster and “other” kids she had we do not know, but that is what started her to dream about a special place for kids.

Another motivating factor was her own son, Monte.  He was surely the one she loved most dearly.  However, her dreams of him continuing with the ranch-life were short lived, as he was injured on a horseback riding incident, ultimately passing due to that incident.  That was in 1930.

The third motivating factor that I have gathered from reading her letters, and minutes from some of the first Board of Director’s meetings, she used her great wisdom and knowledge to see that her LEGACY should be to honor her son via caring for hundreds additional deserving youth.  I would like to share just part of one of her letters to show what an intelligent, foresighted woman she was, and how driven she was in her pursuit of this dream she wanted to share with others.


“Also to anyone anywhere who loves to lend a hand in whatsoever way they can to those among them, may I say: If in doing so the Foundation (Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation, Inc.) is selected to be the channel or means to carry on such desire, may you work hand in hand to the glory and honor of the One and Only Source of us all and thus give an answer through actions which “speak louder than words”, to the great question – Who is my neighbor?”   

Mrs. Redfern was a woman to be reckoned with; a woman who knew what she wanted, and knew what was needed.  The Board of Director’s, along with myself as Executive Director, are committed to carry on with her dreams and see that her LEGACY will live forever.

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Please view this video, developed by Beyond School Bells, and then let others know about the efforts our Foundation goes to in order to assist youth. For several years, Snow Redfern Foundation has partnered with after school programs, or ELO’s (expanded learning opportunities), providing learning that goes beyond schools bells.  These programs have PROVEN their value in so many ways; safe havens for youth who would be unsupervised while parents are working, driving down delinquency behaviors, improving self-image, and improving academic learning, etc. It is an honor to be working with so many professionals who care so much about the youth of Nebraska, which meets the SRF Mission Statement so well.