Investing in Positive Youth Development

February 8, 2021

This year, Snow-Redfern Foundation expanded its funding approach by substantially increasing grant funds to one evidence-based program instead of funding a multitude of microgrants. Youth As Resources was selected to receive funding over the next three years, beginning spring of 2021.

Youth As Resources facilitates youth-led grant making, community organizing, and leadership development. The program is managed by Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska (CAPWN), with support from Panhandle Partnership.

“Youth As Resources is so impactful because it promotes the direct involvement of youth in our community as productive contributors, change agents, and as advocates for themselves and others,” says Dr. Chilese of the Youth As Resources program. “It provides an opportunity for young people to bond with the community – a protective factor that buffers them from risky behaviors and promotes positive youth development.”

Research completed by the Search Institute (40 Developmental Assets®) demonstrates that when young people have useful roles in their community, they feel good about themselves and their future, do better in school, and get into less trouble. Programs such as Youth As Resources facilitate these positive outcomes.

“We believe there is great worth in every child and therefore Snow-Redfern Foundation will provide financial support to nonprofit partners, such as CAPWN, that offer programs and services that make a life-changing impact for kids in need, and we believe that Youth As Resources will have such impact,” said Snow-Redfern Foundation Board President, Brooke Shelmadine.

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Snow-Redfern Foundation provides financial support to nonprofit partners that offer programs and services that make a life-changing impact for kids in need. As the former Nebraska Boys’ Ranch, Snow-Redfern Foundation has a rich history in advocating for, protecting, and encouraging youth in need of hope and healing. Though we no longer provide direct care, our commitment to equipping young people with the skills they need to be successful and live a good life still remains.