The Snow-Redfern Foundation

Snow-Redfern Foundation is focused on creating opportunities for Nebraska youth. 

We do this through intentional planning, identification, support, and funding of outcome-focused projects and programs that center around assisting young people to develop into thriving adults by: Increasing Promotive Factors; Nurturing healthy development and well-being; and Developing useful skills and pursuing trades.


Snow-Redfern Foundation no longer provides direct services as it did during the Nebraska Boys Ranch days, but instead awards grant funds to human-service organizations that aid in achieving a shared goal for young people. Though our target population has historically been defined as “at-risk, disadvantaged, or disconnected youth”, using asset-focused language, we refer to them as “opportunity youth”. 

Too many of our young people in Nebraska have experienced homelessness, hunger, substance abuse, mental health challenges, and family struggles. Still others have dropped out of the mainstream school system or been tangled up in the courts or foster care and juvenile justice systems.


But Snow-Redfern Foundation believes we all have a tremendous opportunity to intervene. The odds may be stacked against some of these youth, but when given the opportunity and support, many of these disconnected youth find their way forward.


Like the foundation’s origins with the Snow family Ranch (Nebraska Boys Ranch), we are steeped in the spirit of the western plains.  We believe this brings with it a responsibility to be wise stewards of our experience, knowledge and funding.  Arvilla believed in the potential of all youth, and today we aim to support organizations that aid in equipping young people with the skills they need to be successful members of the communities where they live and work.


Through partnerships with other funders, donors and change-agents, we believe we can help young people at critical stages of their lives and assist them in reaching their untapped potential.


Board Members and Staff

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Susan Unzicker


Jared Mracek

Vice President

Dustin Chester


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Kevin Horn


Ellen Lierk


Steve Benzel


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Calvin Tolstedt


Brooke Shelmadine


Donna Jones


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Nathan Jaggers


Jeff Fisher


Glenda Ehler


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Andrew Hunzeker


Sara Nicholson

Executive Director

Amy Gullion

Executive Assistant

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About Arvilla Snow-Redfern

Creating a Home, Encouragement and Training

Mrs. Arvilla Snow-Redfern became the creator of the Snow-Redfern Foundation in 1964 by willing her cattle ranch to the foundation. With her guidance, and the efforts of the Board of Directors, the dream of a facility to help boys came to fruition. In the fall of 1965, the Nebraska Boys Ranch became a reality, as the first boy arrived to live on the ranch.

“So I commend to the community in the broadest sense, the Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation, as a means of expression of good will and the desire of all of us to help those who need a home, encouragement and training for the time when they shall be called upon to meet the world as they shall find it.”

“Also to anyone anywhere who loves to lend a hand on whatsoever way possible, to those among them may I say---if in doing so the Foundation is selected to be the channel or means to carry on such desire, may you work hand in hand to the glory and honor of the One and Only Source of us all and thus give an answer through actions, which speak louder than words, to the great question--who is my neighbor?

---Yours With Love and Good Will,

Arvilla Snow-Redfern


Roots: Nebraska Boys Ranch

Read more about the Nebraska Boys Ranch and our founder’s fascinating history, as shared by former Snow-Redfern Foundation Executive Director, Stan Bills.  Stan spent many years helping young people find their way, which included many years running Nebraska Boys Ranch.  Today Stan spends his retirement focused on leadership at his church and archiving the Boys Ranch history through story-telling and sharing the rich history, as highlighted here. Check back for continuation of the story!

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