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The Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation will receive, earn, administer and distribute funds to qualifying charitable and/or human service organizations, educational entities, and faith based organizations. These organizations will in turn provide direct services to meet the needs, education or training of disadvantaged youth.


Forms you will need for submission

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Snow Redfern Foundation will consider grant proposals that demonstrate efforts which focus on:

  • Advancing and accelerating social, emotional, educational, behavioral, and/or economic mobility for youth (from birth to 19 years of age) and/or their families in Nebraska.

  • Improving circumstances for disadvantaged and at-risk youth, including youth with mental health/behavioral health challenges.

  • Innovative and effective approaches with intrinsic merit.

  • Providing or supplementing basic needs for youth, including food, clothing, and/or shelter.

  • A clear strategic vision with ability to articulate what works and why (theory of change).

  • Operationalizing inclusivity and equity.

  • A person-centered approach and utilization of best practices.

  • Outcomes that are data-driven

  • Clearly measuring organizational and project progress, including feasibility and sustainability.

  • Systems change and addressing structural barriers.


Preference will be given to applications that clearly identify how project activities demonstrate direct care to youth within the identified population.  Project grants are intended for small projects that can be administered in 6 months or less, including summer projects.  The Program Grant cycle will be available in 2021.


Applications must also demonstrate:

  • Completeness of the application, including submission by deadline with all required forms. All deadlines are considered final and decisions made by the Board are final (no appeal process).

  • Ability to submit a grant close out report at the end of the funding cycle.  NOTE:  Grantees are only eligible to apply for SRF grants if they can demonstrate submission of previous grant final reports and achieve outcomes.

  • Ability to post the award notification as a press release, on the awarded entity’s website and/or social media, or other means possible that acknowledge the partnership with Snow Redfern Foundation.  The posting should be described in the close-out report.



The Project Grant will not fund:

  • Capital requests, construction, purchase of vehicles

  • Individuals

  • Salaries/benefits for employees

  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

  • Programs operated to benefit for-profit organizations or that are involved in lobbying.



The Snow-Redfern Foundation Project Grants are short-term funds aimed at supporting child/youth serving organizations to provide direct services to children, youth, and their families. 


Applicant inquiries can be made prior to July 15th,, directed to:

Snow-Redfern Foundation

Attn:  Executive Director



Applicants must follow the non-negotiable grant funding timelines carefully to ensure award eligibility.  The 2020/2021 Project Grant timeline is as follows:



  • 2020/2021 APPLICATION SUBMISSION PERIOD: JUNE 1st through JULY 15th

    • All applications must be submitted electronically on the Snow-Redfern Foundation website, utilizing the provided application template.  Submissions before or after this date will NOT be considered.

    • Applicants will not be provided information on the status of their applications until the grant committee has made final determinations.

    • If Snow Redfern has questions about an application, they will utilize the Director’s contact information provided on the applicatio


    • Selected applicants will be notified of the grant award in November 2020 in the form of a mailed Award Packet.  Applicants must accept the award by completing the provided documents in the award packet.

  • PROJECT TIMELINE:  DECEMBER 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021

  • REPORTING:  All awarded entities must provide Snow-Redfern Foundation with a final Grant Report and Close-Out Budget by July 15, 2021 to be eligible for future grant funds.

Final Grant Reports Should Be Emailed to

Grant Impact Areas

As our founder, Arvilla Snow-Redfern, so eloquently and passionately shred in her last will and testament, "I commend to the community in the broadest sense, the Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation, as a means of expression of good will and the desire of all of us to help those who need a home, encouragement and training for the time when they shall be called upon to meet the world as they shall find it.”

Mrs. Snow-Redfern's vision is interpreted today through the funds allocated to the many Nebraska non-profits whom are committed to serving our youth.  

There are 3 primary focus areas funded, tying Arvilla's wish to provide home, encouragement, and training to youth with funding support.

1) HOME - project grants focusing on basic needs (food, housing, clothing, etc)

2) ENCOURAGEMENT- program grants focused on outcome-driven behavioral health programs

3) TRAINING- Career Pathways funds focused on advancing life skills and career attainment


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