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The Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation will receive, earn, administer and distribute funds to qualifying charitable and/or human service organizations, educational entities, and faith based organizations. These organizations will in turn provide direct services to meet the needs, education or training of disadvantaged youth.


Grant Impact Areas

As our founder, Arvilla Snow-Redfern, so eloquently and passionately shred in her last will and testament, "I commend to the community in the broadest sense, the Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation, as a means of expression of good will and the desire of all of us to help those who need a home, encouragement and training for the time when they shall be called upon to meet the world as they shall find it.”

Mrs. Snow-Redfern's vision is interpreted today through the funds allocated to the many Nebraska non-profits whom are committed to serving our youth.  

There are 3 primary focus areas funded, tying Arvilla's wish to provide home, encouragement, and training to youth with funding support.

1) HOME - project grants focusing on basic needs (food, housing, clothing, etc)

2) ENCOURAGEMENT- program grants focused on outcome-driven behavioral health programs

3) TRAINING- Career Pathways funds focused on advancing life skills and career attainment

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