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What is Your Legacy?

Snow-Redfern Foundation believes in investing in our youth by investing in opportunities.  In order to be able to continually provide grant funds to organizations serving our youth, we partner with Bridges Trust.  This ensures the original will of Ms. Snow-Redfern remains active and available for generations to come.  In addition to Bridges Trust being our valued Investor, they also can assist you to create a giving plan that best suits you and your personal goals. 


Bridges Trust

Comprehensive Wealth Management Services

Charitable giving is much more than a donation.  The act of philanthropy inspires people to come together in support of shared causes while also encouraging a sense of social responsibility in future generations.  Bridges Trust has extensive experience administering charitable trusts and family foundations, and in managing trust, foundation and endowment investment assets.  With this experience our guidance is often to give in ways that are equally effective as it is fulfilling to one’s core beliefs.

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A definition of a legacy is someone's lasting contribution to the world, to society or their family. It may include money, but in many cases, it's more of a by-product of an individual's life. Your legacy is a result of what you have focused on in your life and is the expression (in terms of action) of your primary message.

For example, Gandhi said, 'Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind'. He could have just said it but done nothing. The legacy he left was a direct result of his acting on this message in a real, tangible way.

What type of legacy and living will are you creating now?

Inherently, individuals have a desire to leave something special behind to mark the value and purpose of their life.

Not just a bequest to a cause, but rather a combination of a life of dedication and focus that results in a ripple effect that positively impacts society, whether in the community, globally or in the family. This gives purpose, passion and meaning to your life.

Mrs. Redfern, in her last wishes, relayed her own desires, saying, “to anyone anywhere who loves to lend a hand on whatsoever way possible, to those among them may I say---if in doing so the Foundation is selected to be the channel or means to carry on such desire, may you work hand in hand to the glory and honor of the One and Only Source of us all and thus give an answer through actions, which speak louder than words, to the great question--who is my neighbor?”.

Sharing a financial gift with the Snow-Redfern Foundation results in hundreds of youth being positively impacted each year through grant funds distributed to qualified organizations serving disadvantaged and at-risk youth across the state. The funds are strictly earmarked for direct services for these youth


The Many Ways To Give

Snow-Redfern Foundation was created on a very simple premise by a woman who had a vision to help disadvantaged and at-risk youth, Arvilla Snow-Redfern. In the ultimate display of love for children, she left her estate for the purpose of creating the foundation and wrote in her will,

“So I commend to the community in the broadest sense, the Snow-Redfern Memorial Foundation, as a means of expression of good will and the desire of all of us to help those who need a home, encouragement and training for the time when they shall be called upon to meet the world as they shall find it”.

Planned Giving

When you include Snow-Redfern Foundation in your will or estate plan, your generosity has an impact now and far in the future. Please join us in helping to continue Snow-Redfern Foundation’s legacy of healing and hope through planned gifts.

Monthly Giving

We can help you set up automatic deposits.

Endowment Fund

In addition to marking donations for a specific program, funds can also be designated to our Endowment Fund, guaranteeing Snow-Redfern Foundation’s long-term financial health and independence.

When you donate to Snow-Redfern Foundation, you help to bring hope and healing to children, youth, and families. Your generosity allows grant funds to be awarded to non-profit organizations that implement youth-driven, outcome-focused programming, services, and supports to the youth that need it the most in Nebraska.


Appreciated Stock

If you’re charitably inclined and hold meaningful amounts of appreciated stock, such as shares acquired from a stock option exercise, restricted stock/RSU vesting, or ESPP purchase, donating stock instead of cash can be a smart tax-planning move. Given the changes in the rules for itemized deductions under the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA), stock donations can reduce your taxes by giving you total deductions that exceed your new increased standard deduction amount.

Tax Rules For Stock Donations

After you have held stock for more than one year and its price has risen, at the time of the donation you get a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the stock (not its cost basis). If the sale of the appreciated shares would have triggered long-term capital gains, your deduction is up to 30% of your adjusted gross income (20% for family foundations), and you can carry forward higher amounts for five years. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act increased the income limit for charitable contributions of cash to public charities (from 50% to 60%), but not for charitable contributions of stock. Shares gifted to donor-advised funds receive the same tax treatment.

After Tax Reform: Using Company Stock To Bunch Donations

The advice from many experts is to bunch donations so that your itemized deductions go beyond the TCJA standard deduction amounts in 2018 of $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for joint filers (adjusted annually for inflation). If you do not routinely exceed the standard deduction, you can get over it by bunching donations of stock to charities or a donor-advised fund.

Benefits Of Stock Donations

With a charitable gift of appreciated securities held long-term, the donation you make and the deduction you get are greater than they would be if you were to sell the shares and donate the cash proceeds instead. That is because when you donate shares, you avoid paying the capital gains tax.

Donation Example

Suppose you can either (1) donate $50,000 in stock held more than one year or (2) sell the stock first and donate the proceeds. The stock has a cost basis of $10,000. You have a 40% combined federal and state tax rate on your income and a combined 20% tax rate on capital gains.

Making Charitable Donations Of Stock Instead Of Cash After Tax Reform

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Opportunity and Optimism

We believe in the power of opportunity and optimism!

Snow-Redfern Foundation was created on the premise that every young person needs a little support, encouragement and training to meet the world as they find it. Every child needs an opportunity to be all they can be!

We’re optimistic because we see how, every day, our grant and scholarship dollars directly affect countless young people that have experienced challenges in their young lives. By making a difference, one young person at a time, we’re changing the world.

But there’s no time to waste. You can help us accelerate the pace of change. By supporting Snow-Redfern Foundation—through a scholarship or grant fund, estate or stock gifts, a memorial, or a donation - you can change lives.

You and/or your family can help young people thrive in many caring ways, such as the Edward M. and Eda S. Hempel Memorial Scholarship Fund does for youth preparing for trade school.

Our Foundation believes in keeping administrative costs small so that we can give BIG! Every gift, no matter how large, helps Snow-Redfern Foundation provide unparalleled opportunities for our next generation.

Giving is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself and for those less fortunate. At Snow-Redfern Foundation, we want to ensure you have the tools and knowledge you need to give in a way that aligns with your philanthropic and financial priorities. By linking you to our investor, Bridges Trust, you can have a confidential discussion about an individualized giving plan. We make sure your money matters.

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