Snow-Redfern Foundation Grant Inquiry

Submitting a Grant Inquiry provides an opportunity for non-profit organizations (designated as public charities within Nebraska), to summarize a project, program, or solution that demonstrates impact for children and/or young people in Nebraska.

Inquiries may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We recommend submitting one inquiry per proposed project or solution.

If it is determined that your project fits within the foundation’s guidelines and we are interested in further exploring your idea, you will receive an email requesting a full application.

  • Contact Information

  • Project/Program Information

  • Begin this section by re-stating the amount requested and its use in one sentence. Provide information about the project, program, or solution for which you seek funding.
  • Organizational Information

  • Specify full-time, part-time, or volunteer
  • Financial Reporting

  • Check all that apply.