Building a Frontier-Based Career Pathways Model

May 3, 2022

Various Panhandle partners have been coming together to determine how they can join forces to answer an important question:  What is the best path forward in creating a sustainable spectrum for a frontier-based career pathways framework?

A career pathway is a defined service model that is delivered in partnership with education and workforce that helps individuals advance educationally and economically. Career pathways are intended to encourage and expand the number of students, jobseekers, and workers who earn industry-recognized, postsecondary credentials that correspond to the skill needs of employers in high-demand industry sectors.

Though varying models of this systemic approach to improving outcomes for students and employers have been around for decades, there remains a necessity for individualization accommodations based on geography, resource availability, culture, and need.

In April, a group of individuals were invited to a facilitated discussion to determine first steps.  Next steps include a consensus workshop scheduled for June 1st in Scottsbluff.

“We need the voice, input, and knowledge of as many system partners as possible to ensure the plan we develop is comprehensive, outcome- focused, and impactful for all affected populations and industries”, said Snow-Redfern Foundation ED, Sara Nicholson.

Though the partners involved have fluctuated over the past two years, included in planning have been the local school districts, WNCC, UNL Extension, Twin Cities Development, Scotts Bluff and Box Butte Economic Development, ESU 13, Department of Labor, and local businesses such as Paul Reed Construction, Aulick Industries, and Murphy John Deere.

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