2021 Project Grant Applications Open July 1st

March 2, 2021

Online grant applications for the 2021 Project Grant opportunity will be open as of July 1, 2021!

We award smaller-scale project grants to eligible non-profit organizations that are focused on addressing various challenges facing Nebraska youth and families, with an emphasis on how we can address basic needs.  Basic needs start with the simplest things—safety, security, a place to live and enough to eat. What many of us take for granted can be the difference between surviving and truly living.

Each year, the foundation’s Grant Committee diligently reviews each eligible application and makes funding determinations based on pre-identified priorities.  “In the last few years, we have seen a steady up-tick of grant applications requesting financial assistance to fund supports and/or services related to basic needs for children and families”, said Grant Committee Chairperson, Jared Mracek.  “With the unprecedented challenges uprising in the past two years, the Grant Committee prioritized funds in an effort to offset the identified basic needs while still maintaining a focus on our priorities:  home, encouragement, and training for youth”.

Our last Project Grant cycle was a demonstration of the importance of being adaptive and flexible, as we provided an opportunity for grantees to request changes to their grant award agreements in the face of the Pandemic, knowing that it directly impacted their ability to use the funds as planned.

“What we found through the COVID-19 Reallocation Request Process was that non-profit organizations flexed their creativity muscles by identifying new and innovative ways to help youth and families meet their diverse, individualized, and vast needs”, said Executive Director, Sara Nicholson.

One grantee, Prairie Loft for Outdoor and Agricultural Living in Hastings, was one such example of modifying their script to accommodate the changes in our world.  Their innovative Executive Director, Amy Sandeen, devised new ways to teach about the world around us, including through social media outlets and online venues.

One of Prairie Loft’s followers shared, “What the Prairie Loft staff have still been able to provide for connection, community-building, learning, and nature appreciation in this weird time is amazing. Adaptiveness is a powerful organization tool, and they all have that in spades! Thank you for being there in just the way our community needs you to be!”.

The Project Grant Application will only be available online for one month, with the final day to apply falling on August 1, 2021.  Applications can be found at www.snowredfern.org.  Non-profits that have short-term projects aimed at helping kids acquire or maintain basic needs should consider applying after carefully reviewing eligibility criteria, also found on the website.

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Snow-Redfern Foundation provides financial support to nonprofit partners that offer programs and services that make a life-changing impact for kids in need. As the former Nebraska Boys Ranch, Snow-Redfern Foundation has a rich history in advocating for, protecting, and encouraging youth in need of hope and healing. Though we no longer provide direct care, our commitment to equipping young people with the skills they need to be successful and live a good life still remains.