Helping Kids

All young people have potential, but not all are given the same chance to realize it. There are opportunities large and small to change this—and when we do, we change the world.

We Support People Who Are Changing Lives

Helping young people is the inspiration that moves us—but where does it lead? Experience has guided us toward three pathways where we can foster the greatest change: Basic Needs, Well-Being, and Education. In each, we have met so many exceptional, caring people who are impacting young lives every day. Our role is to provide the funding that empowers the work they do.

Impact Areas

When you support the Snow-Redfern Foundation, you will know that you’re helping the most effective nonprofit partners who are helping kids in need.

Basic Needs

It starts with the simplest things—safety, security, a place to live and enough to eat. What many of us take for granted can be the difference between surviving and truly living.


Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are the keys that unlock human potential. Once a child’s basic needs are met, we focus on creating an environment where they feel safe to trust, learn, and grow.


In today’s world, there is little opportunity for achievement and fulfillment without education. This is the third and final key to unlocking potential, limited only by what young people decide they want to do.


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