June 2, 2021

Hey, nonprofit friends! Applications are open one month from today for project grants aimed at helping kids with basic needs – safety, security, a place to live and enough to eat.

We want to make sure every child in Nebraska has access to what is necessary to sustain life and will award grant funds to non-profit partners that identify creative and effective ways to do this.  In addition to encouraging applicants to use their local Community Health Improvement Plans (link) to do this, we also provide resources at:

Since Project Grants are short term funds, they are intended to be used to supplement existing programs or enhance the work nonprofits are doing to alleviate disparities.  The three main areas of focus are: basic needs, well-being, and education.  Our categories are broad and so are the types of projects we fund!

Last year about 57% of the project grant awards addressed how funds would mitigate food insecurity, housing issues, homelessness, and other unmet basic needs. The remaining awards were given to organizations that addressed well-being and education with clear demonstration of how it met one or more needs for children and young people.

To see a list of the incredible nonprofits that we funded in 2019 and 2020, checkout the full list at:

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Snow-Redfern Foundation provides financial support to nonprofit partners that offer programs and services that make a life-changing impact for kids in need. As the former Nebraska Boys Ranch, Snow-Redfern Foundation has a rich history in advocating for, protecting, and encouraging youth in need of hope and healing. Though we no longer provide direct care, our commitment to equipping young people with the skills they need to be successful and live a good life remains.