Returning to Her Roots

December 14, 2021

Returning to her Panhandle roots, new Youth in Power Program Director, Tristina Meister, has set her sights on creating programming that allows teens to get involved and engaged in their communities.

As a teen that grew up in the Panhandle, Tristina recalls firsthand how difficult being a teenager in rural and frontier areas can be. She is hopeful that providing opportunities for teens to get involved allows them to try new things, connect with other kids, and engage in the community in meaningful ways, other than school and sports options alone.

Tristina received her bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Drake University and a master’s degree in child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology. She began her career working for Denver nonprofits, finding the work at Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCorps, and the Eating Recovery Center rewarding.

Her desire to continue working with kids while being closer to her own family and providing her beloved dogs open space to run, drove her decision to move back to the Panhandle.

With a couple of months now under her belt, Tristina has hit the ground running. As she ardently develops and implements this new program, she has found joy in recruiting young people to help create and lead the program as Youth Influencers.

“Youth in Power is a great opportunity for Youth from all different background to get involved, make a difference in their community and gain lifelong skills,” said Tristina.

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