Baldorf Better Holidays:  Supporting Kids in Need

December 16, 2021

Christmas is a Time of Giving

Christmas is a time of giving, and Mystic Rhoads Productions (MRP) partners with Lincoln community organizations for this very reason!

Recognizing that there are kids in need, the MRP managed program called Baldorf Better Holidays aims to partner with community organizations to give gifts to kids that could use a little something extra under the Christmas tree.  The gift packages also help program participants get a head start on the second semester of the school year.

This year MRP will be serving kids in need at Roper Elementary School.  Mrs. Tara Claridge, guidance counselor at the school, appreciates what the program does for her students:

“Roper families are so grateful when they are able to receive a holiday gift bag for their children. Tough times have fallen on many people in our community these past couple years and having our Holiday Program has really made winter break and the holiday season special. I love seeing our students light up when they get a gift bag that they get to take home and keep. It’s an awesome program that really helps our families out during the holidays.”

Making the Holidays Special

The gift packages provided by MRP include winter clothing, school supplies, necessities (personal hygiene, dental care, etc.) and healthy snack packs for the holiday break.  It also includes toys, games, books and activities to help make the holidays special for participants.

The program is partially funded by the Snow Redfern Foundation and made possible through the generous support of Lincoln businesses and community volunteers.

Tis the season- help MRP help families who need additional support during the holidays.

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