YWCA of Adams County- Girls in Action

December 20, 2021

Middle school girls in Adams County are moving into Action thanks to the efforts of YWCA and our support with project grant funds.

Girl Leaders

YWCA creates opportunities for middle school girls to become leaders in schools, churches and in their community, helping them to speak out against negativity like rumors and bullying with a positive voice in the world. YWCA Leaders aim to invest positive change and skill development in girls while creating a sense of emotional wellness.

“The girls in Adams County having been trying out new healthy activities, such as yoga.  They have also been exploring their creativity with a recent Halloween cookie decorating contest”, said YWCA Executive Director, Laura Stutte.

Space to Gain Skills

According to research, soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, effective communication, mediation, collaboration, creativity and strength of character, are critical to the healthy development of kids.  Girls in Action are afforded time and space to gain these soft skills together with the guidance of a caring adult leader with YWCA.

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