Investing in Healthy Families

March 30, 2022

Kids Don’t Come with an Instruction Manual

All parents wish their children came with an instruction manual. It often feels like we are just making it up as we go along, not sure if we are getting it right. Join the club, you are not alone! We have all felt that way.  Healthy Families Nebraska Panhandle – a home visiting program through Panhandle Public Health offers support and guidance to expecting parents and for those that have young infants; during what can be a confusing time. The focus is on strengthening parent-child relationships, healthy child development, and enhancing family well-being. This is all done in the comfort of the family’s home at their convenience.

Community Support

With great community support, we are able to successfully assist families with many of the resources needed. With a recent grant from the Snow-Redfern Foundation, we were able to purchase, cribs, crib mattresses, and car seats; to assist our enrolled families with these critical resources. We take pride in ensuring safety of our families and our community; many of our staff are Certified Car Seat Safety Techniques as well. To witness the gratitude from the families for the aid in resources needed for their children, is a special moment to be part of.

Let’s Celebrate!

The evidence-based home visiting model, Healthy Families America recently celebrated 30 years of serving families and our local program has been around for 10 years.  Stronger families will lead to stronger communities!

We are committed to partnering with vital programs, such as Healthy Families, to ensure children across the state have opportunities to be healthy and happy.  By sharing a gift with us, you are assisting kids in so many ways!  Invest in kids today:

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