Love Your Family Today…and Everyday!

April 12, 2022

There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, even Children’s Day in some countries around the world. But what about a Family Day — a day where we can celebrate and appreciate all members of the family in one wonderful day?

Well, there is a day for that, too, and it’s called International Day of Families. It’s held May 15th every year, and is a great way to celebrate our own families and families around the world. Happy International Day of Families.

What Is International Day Of Families?

International Day of Families, or International Family Day, is a global observance that’s celebrated each year on May 15th. While it’s not a public holiday, the day celebrates the importance of families, people, society, and cultures around the world. Its aim is to raise awareness of issues relating to families across the globe, while giving attention to the fact that families are the basic unit of a society.

On this day, we must recognize that some families are facing hardships, while also being grateful for our own families. This day can be what you make of it. It’s a day to celebrate your family and acknowledge what your family means to you.

Some things we can see on or leading up to International Day of Families each year are awareness-raising events, broadcasts, media reports, and national family days.

For example, many families play a role in their children’s education, even as they get older.  Snow-Redfern Foundation is here to celebrate you and your family as you work towards your degree and a rewarding career.

Why International Day Of Families Is Important

International Day of Families is important for several reasons. Not only does it raise awareness about issues impacting families globally, it reminds us how crucial family is to society. Without family, many of us would not be where we are today.

Family raises us in our formative years until we become adults. While not every family is perfect and there are certainly people who do not have good relationships with their families, you can use this day to celebrate whomever it is in your life that you consider “family” — even if they may not be blood relatives.