To touch the life of a child in a positive way is to impact the future

August 8, 2022

Growing Up on the Snow Ranch

Shared by valued board member, Glenda Ehler

Growing up on the Snow Ranch is a great memory of my childhood. The comradery of neighbors during branding time, the competition with the neighbor kids to get to school, preparing our livestock for the county fair and general ranch life were all part of growing up. The greatest role model of my life has been my dad, Charlie Younkin. He and his father developed a herd of registered Angus cattle on the Snow ranch.  Arvilla Redfern was also an integral part of developing the herd which she later used as part of the development of the Snow-Redfern foundation.  From his memories of the ’49 Blizzard, through hay camp and flying a spray plane my dad always pressed forward, doing the best he could. He said:

“We did what we had to do with what we had, and we were luckier than some.”

What do you have?

Do you have time you could invest in a young person, by becoming a mentor to walk alongside them as they do what they have to do to be successful?

Do you have the belief that young people can and will become successful by doing what they have to do with the resources they have?

Do you have resources to share that can assist young folks of Nebraska to become ‘luckier that some”?

Do you have the persistence to do what has to be done for youngsters who could use a boost?

Throughout my career in education, both as a classroom teacher, coach and school counselor, I have witnessed firsthand what a difference a caring adult makes in the life of a young person.  The Snow-Redfern Foundation seeks to support youth across the state in so many ways, I believe that Arvilla Redfern would be proud of the legacy she left and the work that continues to support that legacy through the foundation.

That it is an echo of things that last.

In the words of Arvilla Redfern, taken from a poem she wrote.

    At a Glance

There comes from out the silent past

An echo-as of things that last

And seem again to be so real

As memory breaks the silent seal.