New Internship Program between Chadron State College and Snow-Redfern Foundation

June 19, 2023

Snow-Redfern Internship through Chadron State College


We are seeking a student attending Chadron State College who is interested in partnering with us for a internship/scholarship opportunity.

The Marketing and Development Intern would assist us in creating awareness and engaging in promotional efforts, as well as assisting with program and community development activities. This remote opportunity will require approximately 10 hours per week and can be extended beyond one semester, if appropriate.

Candidates should be proficient with various social media platforms and Canva, and be able to work independently on projects, with support from Foundation staff.

Main Duties

  1. Building social media campaigns and preparing promotional materials and presentations.
  2. Developing tools and methods for collecting data such as surveys, opinion polls or questionnaires
  3. Creating graphic representations of data
  4. Monitoring and contributing to the foundation’s social media platforms and adjusting outreach tactics, as needed.
  5. Assisting in the development of an ambassador program
  6. Assisting with grant program development and community development
  7. Assisting with elevating youth voice through projects and planning efforts

The intern will be exposed to various types of work done within a private foundation, with opportunities to learn and practice.  Though the internship will be primarily virtual, there may be a limited number of in-person opportunities that they will be invited to attend within the panhandle, which will be optional and include travel expenses.

The internship is only available to students at CSA this year, and those interested should reach out to the CSC Internship office to learn how this internship will cover payment of the selected students’ internship credit hours.

Please contact us or the CSC Internship Office if you, or a CSC student you know, is interested in this opportunity for the fall or spring semester.