Young Leaders

January 4, 2024

Another cohort of the Snow-Redfern Foundation Root2Rise program has concluded, and four brilliant young ladies successfully completed the workshop series and earned a $2,000 scholarship that will be used to promote their future career goals established during the program.

The participants of this fall cohort included Kaylee Henthorn of Alliance, Grace Dean of Bridgeport, Regan Anderson of Lakeside, and Mandie Ylander of Alliance.  They attended 6 virtual workshops and completed their own growth map, outlining plans for their future, which aligned with scholarship funds each received.

Snow-Redfern Foundation’s founder, Arvilla, was a strong, independent, female leader who believed that there is great worth in every young person; and as such, each one is a community asset with vast potential for self-defined success.  We celebrate her through this program.

This program is a priority experience for young women interested in growing their leadership potential through exposure to important topics affecting women in leadership roles today. The virtual six-workshop series creates space
for 16-19 year old female-presenting participants to engage in valuable group discussions with other professional women.

The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Maya Chilese, an organizational anthropologist and the founding principal of Blue Agate Collaborative, LLC. Dr. Chiles.  She has over 20 years’ experience in health and human service systems of care at the local, regional, state and national level and uses her gifts and talents to guide the R2R participants through a unique experience, with learning opportunities provided by various guest speakers, all of whom are strong women leaders in their fields of practice.